Carrier’s Liability Insurance (OCP)

Z naszą pomocą uzyskacie Państwo ubezpieczenie w ciągu 15 minut bez wychodzenia z domu, które będzie akceptowalne w Głównym Inspektoracie Transportu Drogowego jak i w Starostwie

Carrier’s Liability Insurance (OCP)

Carrier’s Liability Insurance (OCP) is a professional liability insurance concerning minimal financial capability of the carrier.

We can help you to get insurance fully acceptable in all government institutions within 15 minutes while you are at home.

This insurance is designated for Carriers who are applying for road transport permission, license or additional license extract to prove their financial capability.

How to get Carrier’s Liability Insurance (OCP) in best price:

  • Contact us, we will send you an offer tailored to your needs;
  • After accepting the conditions, we will send you an application for signature by e-mail;
  • Send us a signed application and we will give you an account to deposit funds;
  • After sending back the payment confirmation to us, you will receive a ready policy.


We saving your time by completing entire process via internet. In case of any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.