We offer comprehensive services for transport companies

Currently we handling services in 6 fields related to transport. We collaborate only with the best partners.
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Petrol cards

Petrol cards
Our partner is Diesel 24 International, founded in 1994 and based in Klagenfurt, is a medium-sized fuel card issuer.
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Documents in Main Inspectorate Of Road Transport

Documents in Main Inspectorate Of Road Transport
You do not have time to constantly travel to Warsaw in order to settle formalities in the Main Inspectorate of Road Transport?
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Work permit

Work permit
We offer assistance in obtaining work permits for foreign employees
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Declarations On The Confidentiality Of A Work For A Foreigner

Declarations On The Confidentiality Of A Work For A Foreigner
If a foreigner came to you and you want to get a permit to work very quickly in the form of a Declaration on Entrusting Work to a Foreigner from the Labor Office in Warsaw, we invite you to use our services.

Recurrent driver training

Recurrent driver training

Carrier’s Liability Insurance (OCP)

Carrier’s Liability Insurance (OCP)
We will negotiate the best rates for you.

Who we are

There is no doubts you experienced the difficulty of managing transport: control over your drivers, preparation of documents, ensuring of safe delivery of goods and many other cases which are taking plenty of time. We can help each other, by you letting us help you.

Our team is made up of people with years of experience, who worked in various industries related to transport, such us: petrol cards, insurance, preparation of documentation required to run transport company, drivers employment agencies.

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We support polish transport!

Comprehensive services for transport businesses

Benefits of cooperation with us:

  • The best petrol prices on several thousands of petrol stations in Europe and Asia. We negotiated great terms due to acquaintanceship developed over the years
  • We are present at the Main Inspectorate Of Road Transport Office everyday. Find out how fast we will handle your case.
  • We are helping to obtain work permits with the longest possible period of validity so the cooperation between you and your driver would run smoothly and without inconvenient formalities.
  • We help in obtaining Declarations on entrusting work to foreigners from the Labor Office in Warsaw.
  • Call us if your driver need CPC, medical report or psychological report. We will set up date of training suitable for you and help you obtain documentation.
  • Carrier’s Liability Insurance (OCP) will secure your interests. You will receive a policy in 15 minuts.


We are in the process of creating cargo stock exchange, which will help you to find favorable contracts.
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Vehicle monitoring

Vehicle monitoring
Our project GiganumEye will help you to localize your vehicle, monitor fuel consumption and control other aspects.
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Drivers working time record

Drivers working time record
Soon this arduous process will be very simple thanks to our project GiganumDoc.

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